2nd Call for Ride Leaders

Okay, so maybe you were a little shy the first time around and thought “noooo….I’m not confident enough for that!”. Here’s the 2nd call for Ride Leaders! We still need more if the Club is to continue offering the variety of rides we have all come to enjoy. One area that we are hoping to develop this year is more daytime rides. We still need leaders at all levels, but could really use more for:

  • Longer daytime rides at a Level 2+ pace (New for this year if we can get enough leaders)
  • Level 4 (the non-speed-restricted group—just set a nice pace and off you go!)
  • Level 1 (the nice easy ride where you get to enjoy the scenery!)

We will get you trained and ready to go. You don’t even need to worry about planning routes—we have a library of already established routes to choose from. We’ll mentor you until you feel confident enough to lead! Really, you just need safety training and be able to maintain the appropriate pace of your chosen group. Everything else is easy peasy. Soooo….let us know if you think you can help!

If you are viewing this on a mobile device and don’t see the Form below, please visit the NHCC website.


Open Call for Ride Leaders

It’s a new cycling season ahead! We are working hard to bring you a great year, our 10th Anniversary! A most valued feature of our Club is the number and variety of rides we offer. In order to continue the offering, we need ride leaders to call upon so that we can share the load. Do you think you could help out? The number of Ride Leaders in the pool directly determines how many rides will be offered for 2020

Training for NEW Ride Leaders

If you are interested in the NEW Ride Leaders Training Course and have no previous training, please submit your name! We are looking for 8-10 candidates. Delivered by Cycle Transitions’ certified CanBike Instructors, the training is FREE and takes place over two evenings and one full day.

Tuesday February 18, 6:30-9:00pm (Theory)
Tuesday March 17, 6:30-9:00pm (Theory)
Saturday April 25, 9-4pm (Practical on-road)

Not sure? Got Questions? Here are the most frequent comments/reservations people express about becoming a Ride Leader.

“I don’t know my schedule far enough in advance and it’s irregular so I can’t really commit”

Occasional ride leading is perfectly fine with us! Ride coordinators go through the list to see who might be available to lead a couple weeks in advance of a given ride. If you aren’t available, that’s no problem. Even if you can lead a few rides in May and June for example but are away at the cottage for July and August, we can work with that! It relieves the regulars from time to time, freeing them up to go on vacation too! 🙂

“I don’t feel confident enough to lead yet”

We would never just throw you out in front without support. Experienced Ride Leaders will work alongside you until your confidence builds. You could even operate as a "sweep" to start!

“I don’t have enough knowledge of Safety yet”

We’ve got you covered! Our Ride Leader Safety Training will leave you confident to ride anywhere, anytime safely. And you’ll feel confident enough to share your knowledge with others.

“I’m not [fast] [fit] [strong] or experienced enough”

We need leaders for all levels, 1 through 4. If you rode with the club for at least one season and were able to easily keep up with the group you participated in then you are fast enough! We’ll take care of the training part to give you confidence to ride in front!

Be a Ride Leader, Submit your name now

Reminder: Dave Trattles Presentation tonight

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the Dave Trattles Presentation at the Old Camborne Schoolhouse. It’s a BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks) event, and there’s even a microwave there if you want to bring a bag of microwave popcorn. There are still a few spaces left if you haven’t let us know that you are coming. (We’ll be accepting $5 voluntary donations to keep our speaker series running over the winter).

Tuesday Morning Hike: Oct. 22, 9:30am

This Tuesday Rick will lead the way through the Black Oak loop at the Woodland Northumberland Forest trails. Bring sturdy walking shoes, water. There are a few steep and rugged sections. Coffee time after the hike for those interested will be at Scenery Dr restaurant – corner of Hwy 45 and Centreton Rd.

If you’d like to carpool, please leave a comment here and we’ll talk!

Hike Leader: Rick Nonnekes
Start time: 9:30am
Start location: Parking lot at Woodland Rd and Hwy 45.
Distance: 7.5km

Level 4 rides: June 25 and 27

Tuesday June 25th, Level 4 (46k)

Yes indeed, this is a beauty route with fantastic views and plenty of rolling hills. People always say its a good route, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!

Note for Level 4 rides: In the event that a ride leader is not available, Level 4 participants should be able to ride independently, equipped with the ability to navigate and to change a flat should one occur. IMPORTANT: Please leave a comment if you are anticipating riding so that others can know that there will be others to ride with.

Ride Leader: Looking for a volunteer! Please leave a comment if you are available to lead.
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:58pm
Route map: Beagle Club-Alderville Centerton Route Map Link on Ride with GPS
Elevation gain: 387m
Start location: Beagle Club Trailhead parking lot (Northumberland Forest)

Thursday June 27th, Level 4 (49km)

We’ve done lots of speed, lots of distance, now it’s time to do Bickle Hill. It’s a new route that we haven’t done before and you have almost a full 2.5 hours to complete it, so it’s certainly doable! Btw, it won’t be long before the days start getting shorter, so we’re making the most of available daylight.

Ride Leader: Looking for a volunteer! Please leave a comment if you are available to lead.
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:58pm
Route map: “Roads & Hills Less travelled” 49km route map link on Ride with GPS
Elevation gain: 402m
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.


Ride Cancellation Notice: Monday June 10

Ride Cancellation Notice (Monday June 10): Hey all, it’s raining! We must have exceeded our sunshine quota this past weekend and now we gotta pay the price. Every forecast shows rain and/or thunderstorms. Sorry, everyone, no NHCC rides tonight. 🙁