NHCC Rides for the week of: Monday August 14 to Sunday August 20

The weekly rides have been posted—let’s hope the rain falls on other days! August is a busy month with people on vacation, so again we’ll merge a few of the Level 1 and 2 rides. The sun is setting earlier than ever, so be sure your lights are charged up! Fact—there are seven more weeks of cycling remaining in our “Regular” season so there is still plenty of time to get some regular riding in!

The Quick Facts: 

More details about all rides are found in your Cycle Club account Events page.

Tuesday August 15th: Evening Ride

Level 1, and 2 (Start time: 5:30pm)
Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 3/4 (Start time: 6:00pm)
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices, 8285 Majestic Hills Dr., Camborne

Thursday August 17th: Morning Ride

Level 1 (Start time: 9:30am)
Start location: Westwood Park, 665 Carlisle St., Cobourg

Level 2 (Start time: 9:30am)
Start location: Diamond Head Industrial Mall Inc, 210 Willmott St, Cobourg

Level 3/4 (Start time: 10:00am)
Start location:Stirling-Rawdon Dog Park, 90 Station St., Stirling.

Thursday August 17th: EVENING Ride (Level 3/4 only)

Level 3/4 (Start time: 6:00pm): 
Start location: Dog Park in Cobourg, 77 Ontario St

Sunday August 20th: Morning Ride

Level 1, and 2 (Start time: 10:00am)
Start location: Donegan Park, 25 D’Arcy St., Cobourg. 

Level 3/4 (Start time: 9:30am)
Start location: Squirrel Creek Conservation Area, 2520 Wallace Point Rd, Fraserville

Members only: Please let ride leaders know you are in, using your Cycle Club Account.  
Guests: Those wishing to ride as our guest may leave a comment on the website to let us know you are coming. Please bring a signed Guest Waiver with you (available in the right-hand column of our website)

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