Sunday April 15, 2012: 41km ride to Harwood

This Sunday we’ll do it all again: Start at Precious Corners and head straight up toward Rice Lake and then come back again. Please mention below if you are interested in exploring a shorter version—there may be others who might also plan accordingly with you.

Parking Cars:
So that we don’t clog up the parking lot at the store on Dale Rd., let’s park cars around the corner on Theresa St. instead and then mosey on over to the store on our bikes where we’ll meet. If you don’t know where Theresa St. is, someone will probably be there and will point you in the right direction.

Club Jerseys:
By the way, for those of you who want to order jerseys, we’ll start taking orders in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we have two remaining jerseys available right now. One men’s large, and one women’s medium. If anyone is interested in them they are $65 (tax incl.).

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Dale Rd. Store parking lot
Route map: Precious Corners to Harwood route map here

Please print out a map and bring it with you.


  1. I am planning to ride and bringing a friend who is also interested in joining this group. Exploring a shorter route could be good but I am willing to go all the way too. Maps doesn’t show a lot of climbing so we could probably do it.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Don’t be fooled by the map—Vivian and I just came back from doing the same ride today and there is indeed some challenging hills in the first half. The people who rode it the other day reported the same thing. I’d recommend examining the map and anticipating a few possible bailouts in advance in the event that the hills become too much. Ferguson Rd. is a killer hill by most standards.

  2. There isn’t a bailout before the Ball/Ferguson intersection, where this route’s most challenging hills begin. This route could be a good circumstance for breaking into two groups, for those of us who want to complete the route, but will be taking some breaks on the toughest climbs (BTW – the ride from Harwood is predominantely downhill).
    If the weather is decent, Sue & I will ride – will bring camera.

  3. There really isn’t a need for a bail out before Ball/Ferguson (was there yesterday). I think I would like to try for the whole routine if someone will be patient with me. Or maybe I should get a head start – pretty sure if I leave an hour early the group will catch up to me along the way. Is that allowed?

  4. I am looking at the weather and radar.There is a big patch of rain at Mississauga that may reach here about 10:30 , but the forecast is 30 to 40 percent chance of light showers. I will look again in 30 min. and make a decision on riding. A rain jacket that could be put on might be an idea. I do not think this is an allday rain. My opinion only!

  5. Okay, so here’s the deal: Radar is showing rain starting around 11:30. But sometimes the radar is wrong like it was yesterday. So, I’m going to be at the Dale Rd. Store for 10:00 and if we’re out on the route and need to shorten it due to rain, I’ll turn right at Beaver Meadow rather than left and head back. So, I suppose I’ll see the brave ones at the Dale Rd. Store! DEFINITELY wearing something of a rain jacket.

  6. I agree with Anita, as I see the main rain patch possibly staying to the south, but we may get light showers for 40 min. I am going as the temperature is warm.

    • Hey Glen (and any others who might be driving), you can park at Randy’s house if you want. My car will be in the driveway.

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