Sunday September 5th (47k or 39k “Turkey Ride” from Donegan Park)

Perhaps being labour day weekend and school starts up on Tuesday, we might round up a number of people interested in doing the Turkey Ride. With the warm weather starting to give way to cooler weather it’s unclear how many good Sundays we may have left! Although the map directions show the ride starting at the Marina, we will start at Donegan Park because of the parking availability.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for the 47k Turkey Ride

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Cobourg, Donegan Park


  1. I’ve been a slouch for the past couple of weeks so I am going to make every effort to be there on Sunday and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to convince Randy of the same too. I’m also planning on bringing my 14-year old. He’s anxious to get out for a bike ride too.

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