Sunday August 15th (Warkworth: 53 or 35k)

This Sunday we will ride from Warkworth at 9:30 instead of 10:00am. This is in order to allow people to attend the Warkworth Longlunch if they wish. The Ganaraska Freewheelers are also doing this route and many will also be attending the Long Lunch that occurs between the hours of 11:30 and 3:00.

Tickets for the optional Warkworth Long Lunch are $20 and its recommended that they be purchased in advance. (There may not be any available on the day of the lunch)
In Warkworth: Eclectic Mix – 705-924-9200
In Campbellford: Trent Hills and District Chamber of Commerce – 1-888-653-1556

Find out all about the Warkworth Long Lunch and get ticket information here.

Here is a link to the “Warkworth Wanderer” 53 or 35k route map.

Sunday, August 8th (50k from Port Hope)

This ride will start in Port Hope at Gilmer’s Home Hardware. The route is called the “Western Wanderer” and travels along the Lakeshore for the first part of the ride. We did this ride back in June and everyone agreed it was a lovely ride.

Meet at the west end of the parking lot at Gilmer’s Home Hardware in Port Hope. We’ll meet underneath the big Home Hardware sign, as we did the last time.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for the 50k Western Wanderer Map

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Port Hope (Gilmer’s Home Hardware)

Thursday, August 5th (40-50k)

A few people were discussing a ride on Thursday, starting at Donegan Park at 10:00am. The route would likely be a modified version of the 50k that was done today (August 1). Sounds like the modifications could include bypassing a few of those hills. Anyone up for it?

Start time: 10:00
Start location: Donegan Park

Everyone is welcome!

Sunday August 1st ride (Shelter Valley 50k)

This ride has been chosen from the Ganaraska Freewheelers route maps. Although It indicates a start and finish at the Marina, parking could be an issue so let’s modify it slightly and we’ll start at Donegan Park. It’s the long weekend and many people have summertime plans, but let’s see if at least a few riders can make it.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for 51k Shelter Valley Route Map

Start time: 10:00

Using ride photos in county tourism promotions

Northumberland County Tourism has asked James Barnes if they could use some of his ride photos in County Tourism promotions. As the photos have been taken in a public place and are not being used for monetary gain they are allowable, but as a courtesy to those who may not wish to be included, please comment below and Jamie will make the effort to exclude such pictures.

July 25th Ride (56k or 44k from Brighton) First Half Flat!

This coming Sunday the ride will start in Brighton (Gosport to be specific). The first half of it is flat and if you prefer to keep it that way, you can take the short cut and make it 44k instead of the original 56k.

After 32 km of relatively flat, scenic, riding, the long route heads up into the infamous Northumberland Hills. The worse of the hilly can be avoided by taking the shortcut! There is a cafe nearby for those interested in lunch after the ride.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for the 56k or 44k route map in Brighton

Start time: 10:00

Sunday July 18th Ride from Bewdley (47k or 36k choices)

A ride in the Rice Lake area for this coming Sunday has been proposed. This route starts and ends in Bewdley and is a lovely route that takes riders through Harwood. It’s 47k but for those interested in going a little shorter, there’s a “shortcut” available to make it 36k. Page 1 of the route information describes how to shorten it to 36k.

Looking to go really long? How about 106k?
There may be a few looking for a real challenge. There’s a route that is 106k that also starts and ends in Bewdley. (although you won’t be with the main group of 47k riders)

Since the waterfront tends to become congested, how about meeting at the arena? Rhino’s Roadhouse presents an option for lunch after the ride for those who are interested.

47k or 36k: Link to the “Heavenly Harwood” route map

106k: Link to the Bewdley route map

Start time: 10:00

July 11, 2010 ride: (time and place to be determined)

There’s been no decision about a time and place for this ride. This is an opportunity for people to comment and collaborate on a ride for this Sunday ride. Please enter a reply under “comments” to share your ideas about start place, routes, etc. Good luck and have fun on the ride! Keep yourself up to date on the details by following the comments made on this posting.

July 1st, Canada Day Ride and Picnic (50k or 33k)

A reminder about the July 1st Canada Day Ride that is just two days away! Barb & John are hosting the ride and picnic/potluck afterwards. As in typical Ganaraska Freewheelers tradition, riders usually your own plates, utensils, libations, and a dish to share. It promises to be a lot of fun. Spouses, partners welcome. Click here for more information, and to leave comments.

Click here to RSVP (We’ll send you directions to the house after you RSVP. We didn’t think it cool to post them in a public forum)

Announcing a new area of our website: CONNECT-A-RIDE

Okay, it seems as though we love to meet on Sundays for our group ride. But there may be other times during the week when you may want to find another like-minded person to head out on a ride with. This new section called CONNECT-A-RIDE could be a helpful place to connect with others who are available to ride outside of our regular Sunday rides. CONNECT-A-RIDE You can also access this section by clicking on the link in the main navigation menu up above.