Wednesday February 7: Evening Hike Port Hope

We’re heading back to Port Hope for our Wednesday hikes. Jim will meet everyone at the usual spot and we’ll cover the hills and sights around town. At the moment there is a special weather statement about the potential for 5-15cm of snow for Wednesday so do monitor the situation. If anything changes we’ll let you know.

Time: 6:00 pm
Start Location: Port Hope Town Hall parking lot
Hike Leader: Jim Berg

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Tuesday, February 6th: Morning Hike

This week Bruce will lead the hike which will meet at the library. We’ll walk out to the Pebble Beach subdivision and back. On the way back the walk will be extended by going down to the lake, aiming for a total between 6 and 7 km.
Coffee afterwards at Craft.

Start Time: 9:30
Meeting Location: Cobourg Library parking lot
Distance: 6 to 7km
Hike Leader: Bruce Bellaire

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Sunday, February 4th: Morning Cross Country Ski

We’ll offer a Level 1 ski again for anyone who’s just developing their ski legs or technique. Let us know you plan to come and if you would prefer the short and flattish loop.

Start Time: 10:00
Meeting Location: parking lot at Beagle Club
Ski Leaders: Anita Macklin and Maria Siemiaszko

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Saturday Feb. 3: Snowshoeing!!

Snow is coming! Lotsa puffy white stuff! And with that, Tara will be leading the NHCC snowshoe outing on Saturday. Hey, let her know you plan to join in by leaving a comment. Thank you thank you Tara, for organizing it!

Time: 10:00am
Start location: Northumberland Forest Woodland Trailhead parking lot
Snowshoe leader: Tara Smith-wilson

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Thursday, February 1st: morning ski

Hooray for the new snow! Now we can get back to skiing.

Start Time: 11:00
Meeting Location: Beagle Club parking lot
Ski Organizer: Maria Siemiaszko

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Friday February 2: Indian Food, then Ski or Hike

We are planning a Blue Moon Night Ski or Hike & Indian Food this Friday. Actually, for the technically correct crowd, it’s a Super Blue Blood Moon and it occurs on Wednesday, but heck….who’s keeping track. We’re going out at night time to either ski or hike, whatever the weather permits and at the moment it’s looking promising for a ski! But if you don’t have skis and just want to hike, that’s cool too. Richard and Leigh from Hastings have agreed to open their home as a meeting location and for those who want to place an order (optional) for Indian food from Grafton (that we hear is very tasty) and that we’ll pick up and bring it to Hastings for dinner at 6:00. If you are just looking to hike or ski only, meet us at 7:00.

Check out the menu, email us or leave a comment with your preferred choice and bring the $ with you on Friday. Easy!

Butter Chicken: $15 (+HST)
Kidney Beans: $15 (+HST)
Jeera Rice: $10 (+HST)
Chicken Tikka Masala: $15 (+HST)
Shahi Paneer: $15 (+HST)
Naan: $1 (+HST)
Samosas: $1.50 (+HST)

Start time (dinner): 6:00
Start time (hike-ski): 7:00
Start location: Email us at and we’ll send you the address
Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

RSVP: Leave a comment or email us at to let us know you are coming and if you want to pre-order Indian food. Food order must be in by Thursday Night!

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Wednesday Jan 31: Evening Hike, Cobourg

It’s the last of our hikes in January before we switch back to Port Hope. We’re looking at periods of snow and 0c for a forecast so hopefully it’ll be nice puffy white snow for us! For this one we’ll meet downtown by the Cat ‘n Fiddle and head out for whatever the hike may bring! We usually cover about 7-10km depending on the weather and what the group decides to do collectively. Let us know you are coming, please!

Start time: 6:00pm
Start location: Parking lot on Covert St. in front of Cat ‘n Fiddle
Hike leader: Jim Berg

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Tuesday, January 30th: Morning Hike

Colin plans to take the group to the Oliver’s Lane-Forest Hill area for a short hike. ¬†This will cover mixed residential and rural areas including a climb over the Forest Hill area. ¬†Coffee and social at Craft to follow.
Date: Tuesday, January 30th
Start Time: 9:30
Meeting Location: Hwy 45 commuter parking lot
Distance: 6.5km
Hike Leader: Colin Banfield

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Thursday, January 25th: Morning Cross Country Ski

Conditions are fast and there is a good base at Beagle Club. Unfortunately, walkers have damaged the tracks but a ski is still worthwhile.
Date: Thursday, January 25th
Start Time: 10:00
Meeting Location: parking lot at Beagle Club
Ski Organizer: Maria Siemiaszko

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Wednesday January 24: Evening Urban Hike in Cobourg!

We’ll meet in the Arthur’s parking lot at the Best Western and venture out from there. We’ll weave through the streets and parks down toward the waterfront and beyond. Of course, since we’ll be right outside Arthur’s when we are all done, it’s a given that a few may want go in for little bite to eat or just a hot (or cold) drink. We’re looking at a nice clear night, and -4. So not bad, huh? Remember to bring a little $ if you intend to join others in Arthurs.

Be it known that the day will be 36 minutes longer than it was just January 1st! That means the days are getting looooonger folks!

Start time: 6:00pm
Meeting location: Parking lot of Arthur’s at the Best Western (Cobourg)
Hike leader: Jim Berg

Let us know you are coming! Be cool, and leave a comment.

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