Monday, October 2nd: Level 1 ride

Last week it seemed like folks don’t want to stop riding yet and Dennis has offered to lead another Monday ride. Dress warmly and lights are a must!
Date: Monday, October 2nd
Time: 5:15 (extra early!)
Meeting Location: parking lot behind the Dutch Oven
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson

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October 1 Sunday Afternoon Level 3 Ride

It’s October but we will ride on!

We will revisit Mike’s Beer Run route but will take it up a notch by going further north to Vimy Ridge.

Despite the shorter days we should be able to get 2:45 hours of riding before the sun sets.

The high for Sunday will be around 17C so dress warmly. Wooly leg warmers won’t look out of place.

Please bring your lights and don’t forget to have fun!

Starting Point: Parkette on Carlisle Street
Time: 4:00 pm
Km: 40-50 km

Route: Cobourg to Port Hope (via Vimy Ridge)
Leader: Roberto

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NHCC EVENING Rides for 2017 have ended, but we’ll still ride on!

It’s been a fabulous season for evening riding, even though it started off rainy and a little on the chillyish side. However, all good things come to and end and so too must the Evening Ride Program. The days are just getting too darn short. The NHCC wants to extend a wonderful, ever-grateful and sincere thank you for all the effort put forth by ride coordinators & leaders this season. Without them, nobody rides! They are the ones who literally put the rubber to the road to make it happen.

Don’t put away your bikes yet! For the balance of the season we will continue to ride on weekends or weekdays whenever weather permits and a ride leader is available. Please monitor the website for announcements of such rides. They are usually posted a couple of days in advance.

In the meantime, plan to attend the Annual Meeting & Social Soiree in just three weeks, on Thursday October 19th. That’s when we’ll be officially celebrating all that the season has brought to us, and look ahead to the next season!

For AGM Attendees only: All who attend the Annual Meeting and Social Soiree will have the opportunity to pickup a 2018 membership for just $35 shrimpy bucks. It’s the best price you’ll see for next year’s memberships and it’s offered at this price for one night only.

You can get tickets from ride leaders, or if you can’t seem to connect with one, contact Anita at

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Thurs. Sept. 28: Mixed Levels ride, then celebrate “Cycle Transitions” at 7:00

This is the last official evening ride of the season! And to encourage as many as possible to participate, we are making it one that stronger level 2s can handle as well as Level 3 and 4s who can enjoy this final opportunity for a warm evening ride. Afterward, bring along some cash and join the wonderful people who are celebrating Cycle Transitions 5th Anniversary at the Cat “N Fiddle restaurant that starts at 7:00pm.

Route Description:
Heading up Ontario St., then Cornish Hollow to Smylie, north on Burnham, Right on Wallace Jibb, Returning via Dejong, Ferguson, Racetrack, then down Division. Route map: 32km Route map link here

Note: There will be no ride leader for this ride. Instead, participants will be encouraged to ride in smaller groups according to desired pace.

Start time: 5:30pm (Cycle Transitions Celebration at 7:00pm)
Start location: The parking lot on Covert St. in Cobourg
Distance: 32km

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September 27 Wednesday Night Level 3 Ride

For our last Wednesday night ride this year we revisit a fun route many missed back in June due to bad weather.

The Rampart Rampage starts in Grafton and goes north along Shelter Valley to Pipeline and Hoskins. A lovely 29 km of pretty scenery and fun descents.

Please bring your lights and don’t forget to have fun!

Starting Point: St Mary’s School
Time: 545 pm
Km: 29 km
Leader: Roberto for Mike
Map: ADP L2/3 Rampart Rampage

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Tues Sep 26, Level 2 Ride, St.Mary’s Grafton

For our last official ride of the season, Janine is taking us out east of Grafton. Remember to bring your lights. Here is her description:

Nice gentle ride with a few hills (Savour our grand fall weather). East on Hwy 2 to Thomas rd, Lakeshore to Wicklow beach, time permitting Nawauntin subdivision. Station Rd to St Mary’s. 23k to 25k

Start time: 5:45 pm
Ride Leader: Janine Turk
Start Location: St. Mary’s Church Parking lot Grafton

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September 25 Monday Night Level 2/3 Ride

Allan has chosen the classic “Its All Down From Here” as this week’s ride, partly as a homage to those who successfully graduated from level 1 and were fed this motivational oldie early and often on Monday rides. Allan (aka The Old Sapper) truly meant well, he says. Please bring lights.

Start location: Wilmot St. Industrial Plaza
Time: 5:45
Distance: 38 km
Description: Up to Scots Line and then down Community Centre Rd. Sufficiently challenging and not too long as the sunsets ever earlier!

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Monday, September 25th: Level 1 ride

With the summer like weather continuing, we’ll try to get another ice cream run in. If Harbourview Delights is still open we can finish off the ride with a cool treat so bring some money just in case.

Time: 5:30
Meeting Location: parking lot behind Dutch Oven
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

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Thursday Sept. 21: Evening Ride (Level 3/4)

This Thursday is our second last official Thursday evening ride of the season. The days are just getting too darn short! The sun is setting at 7:10pm, which means if we start at 5:30 we’ll get about 90 minutes of riding, heading out along Danforth and up around the Grafton area. We’ll start at Cycle Transitions and squeeze in 34km of beautiful, warm evening pedalling!

Start time: 5:30pm
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start Location: Cycle Transitions parking lot on D’Arcy St.
Route Map (34k): Printable rout map here, or link to it on Ride with GPS

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Sunday Sept. 24: 100km (or less) ride to Presquile

It’s here! The 100km ride is set to go on Sunday at 9:30am. We’ve got some beauty weather in store for y’all! 28c and nothing but sunshine & sunscreen! If you want to participate but don’t want to cover the whole distance you can turn around at the Community Centre in Colborne and make it 50km. Or, just come on out for whatever distance you want by turning around at any point along the way. People will be riding at a variety of pace…some fast, some slow.

If you plan on completing 100km, be sure to stash away a little trail mix or something else in your back pocket. We’ll ride there, ride back, maybe with a stop at the variety store in Colborne to load up on snacks, unless people plan among each other to stopover in Brighton for a bite to eat.

Just so others can plan, please leave a comment to let us know your planned distance.

AGM Tickets: While you are at it, why not bring $30 and pick up your AGM Tickets. We’ll have them available at the start of the ride. (AGM Date: Thursday Oct 19, 2017)

Start time: 9:30am
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St.
Ride Coordinator: Anita Macklin

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