Ride With GPS Webinar tonight: “Plan and Customize a Route”

During the pandemic, many NHCCers made use of the Club’s Ride With GPS Map Library to find places to ride either solar or in small groups. Haven’t you wondered how to plan and customize your own route? Tonight the Ride With GPS organization is presenting a webinar “Plan and Customize a Route”. Winter is a great time to look at routes and dream about the new riding season. You can plan routes around our region, or get creative and think about planning routes in far away lands! It’s free and all you need to do is click on the link below to get registered.

  • Session 3: Plan and Customize a Route
    Thursday December 17, 7-8pm

Read more and Register for your session by clicking here! 

Ride With GPS Webinar tonight: “Club Member Benefits and How to Use Them”

As most know, the NHCC uses Ride With GPS for it’s routes and maps. It’s the service that provides our audio turn-by-turn navigation on club rides. There are other benefits for Club members that you may be unfamiliar with, and could benefit from too!  Tonight the Ride With GPS organization is presenting the webinar “Club Member Benefits and How to Use Them”. Last weeks’ webinar was more geared toward administrators, we think this one will be of more relevance to Club Members. Hey, if we can’t ride, at least we can think about riding! It’s free and all you need to do is click on the link below to get registered.

  • Session 2: Club Member Benefits and How to Use Them
    Thursday December 10, 7-8pm
  • Session 3: Plan and Customize a Route
    Thursday December 17, 7-8pm

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A word from your new & recycled NHCC President

Wow, what a non-year it’s been! We had such big plans for the NHCC’s 10th Anniversary, but it was not to be. The season needed to wait….but trust us, we will be back as strong as ever as soon as conditions allow! The board has continuously monitored COVID-19, reviewing and discussing options since this all began.

When it comes to safety, we are a conservative bunch and decided not to ride this past cycling season. We had hoped to launch off-season Hikes and Cross-Country Skiing but with increasing COVID numbers we have chosen yet again to put that on hold until the numbers stabilize. Disappointing, but necessary. I hope that you were able to make the most of our unprecedented situation and stayed active this past summer.

We recently conducted our virtual AGM and elected some new board members to replace ones whose terms were expiring. I would like to introduce you to your new NHCC Board of Directors:

Randy Albon (President)
Freda Dong (Treasurer)
Anita Macklin (Secretary)
Debra Parks (Past President)
Bill Glover (Director)
Helmut Bock (Director)
Jim Breckenridge (Director)

We’d like to recognize outgoing board members Geoffrey Honey and Maria Siemiaszko, both who have contributed so generously to the success of our Club. We are so very grateful and fully intend to keep them close by! I have the distinct pleasure of being chosen as President for the second time since the club was founded! For those who may be wondering, there was a smooth transfer of power with no rioting nor recounts necessary.

The new Board has been meeting virtually and discussing exciting new directions for the Club including several committees that have been established (Rides, Mapping, Social, etc.). We are truly hopeful, crossing our fingers & toes that the 2021 cycling season will start on time in spring. In the meantime, why not join one of our committees and help with some planning this winter!—just email secretary@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com to let us know you’re interested! This club is only as strong as its volunteers.

“Ride With GPS” Club Account Webinar Series: Looking for something to do? Ride With GPS is the mapping tool that the Club uses. They are offering a three-part Webinar series to learn how to make the most of Ride With GPS for 2021. It’s free, and you can choose any or all of the sessions.

  • Session 1: Club Admin Features and Options
    Thursday December 3, 7-8pm
  • Session 2: Club Member Benefits and How to Use Them
    Thursday December 10, 7-8pm
  • Session 3: Plan and Customize a Route
    Thursday December 17, 7-8pm

Read more and Register for a session by clicking here! 

The NHCC was founded as a community based bicycle club, accommodating and encouraging fantastic people of all ages and abilities in their cycling pursuits. I give you my word that this will continue as the club moves through then beyond this “unprecedented” year! We’ve been going strong for more than 10 years, and value each an every member!

Randy Albon, President, NHCC

2020 NHCC Annual Meeting

It’s been a year like no other, and there’s nothing normal it seems! So here it is—the 2020 Annual Meeting for the NHCC on Thursday October 29th, 2020, 6:30pm will be conducted virtually (via Zoom) following best practices for a safe, socially distanced event. All 2020 NHCC members are invited to attend and are eligible to vote, and hey, you can participate from home in your jammies if you so desire!

So what happens at the Annual Meeting? We will do a few official things, such as review the minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting, take a look at our financial position, and elect a few new Board members. Then we’ll have an informal exchange of thoughts and ideas about new directions for the Club. It’s an opportunity to be social from afar, and stay connected!

RSVP: You must let us know you want to participate by dropping a quick note to the secretary so she can plan ahead and get you all linked up.  Email here: secretary@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com

Format of meeting: Virtual (online)
Date & Time – Thursday, October 29, 2020, 6:30pm
Chair: Debbie Parks (President)

AGM Business
1. Welcome address (President: Debbie Parks)
2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from 2019 AGM (President)
3. Treasurer’s Report, Special Resolution: To waive a Review Engagement of the NHCC 2019 Fiscal Year (Secretary/Treasurer: Freda Dong)
4. Membership Report (Membership Director: Geoffrey Honey)
5. Election of directors (Secretary: Freda Dong)
-Candidates for re-election: Freda Dong, Anita Macklin
-New candidates for election: Bill Glover, Helmut Bock, Jim Breckenridge
6. Adjourn (President: Debbie Parks)

Informal Discussions
1. The impact of COVID on the NHCC
2. Off-Season activities
3. New directions for 2021

Click here to review the relevant documents for the meeting.

2020 Cycling Season—COVID Update

The Board of the NHCC has deliberated on how to move forward in our current cycling season given the current state of COVID-19.   Unfortunately, even in Stage 3 it will be difficult to offer group rides where we can maintain sufficient physical distancing without risk.  Our members’ safety is first priority and we feel there remains too much uncertainty to proceed safely with group rides for 2020.

We are therefore officially deferring all group rides, and social events to the 2021 season.

Current members are invited to benefit from using our Ride With GPS Route Library, complete with turn-by-turn audio navigation over mobile phones. We’d like to remind everyone that 2020 memberships will extend until the end of next year, 2021.


This is the 10th anniversary of the NHCC and we are recognizing the occasion with a newly designed higher visibility jersey!  There are several size options in stock right now for $80.00 (including tax). Please email info@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com or nhcycling2010@gmail.com to arrange a jersey purchase. We will be accepting e-transfers or contactless debit/credit (no cash).

Stay positive, stay active and stay safe everyone!

The Helmet Mirrors are Here!

For all who ordered and paid for their helmet mirrors, the shipment has arrived! Here’s how you can do the pickup. If you know where Randy and Anita live, you can stop by tomorrow:

Friday June 19: 12 noon to 8pm

If you need the address, text us your name and we’ll send it to you! 905-269-6815 (Anita).

If you need an alternative pickup time, you can also just text, phone, or email and we’ll sort it out. If you stop by the house, we may just be waaaaaayyyy out in the backyard, so do come around and yell!

Using Ride with GPS, Mirrors, Online Bike Registry, and Construction

The weather is finally warming and the evenings are long!  Although we are not yet able to ride as a club, membership has its rewards.  If you are a current member of the NHCC please check out our ride library on Ride with GPS.  Turn by turn navigation is available using your mobile phone so you won’t get lost. You can check out Club Routes by going to the NHCC Club Page on Ride With GPS.

If you want to download some instructions on how to get started with the NHCC Ride With GPS Club rides, Click on the image below. 

Want to give it a try? To inspire you to pump up those tires, here is an option for this week to ride solo or with one or two others.  Please note this is not an official club ride but simply a suggestion for you.  This is a 25km ride in and around Cobourg – 25km Cobourg West.

Hoping you can get out and enjoy some fresh air and that we will all be riding together in the near future.

Construction on Lakeshore Rd. in Port Hope

In the event that you are choosing a route in Port Hope, please be advised that there is construction on Lakeshore Rd. beginning at the corner of Hwy 2 and Lakeshore.

Update on the Rear-view Mirrors

We haven’t forgotten about all who have ordered mirrors! They ship from the US and along with all other parcels that cross the border these days, things are taking significantly longer than usual. Patience, and we’ll let everyone know the moment we have them in our hot little hands.

Online Bicycle Registry

 COBOURG, ON (May 26, 2020) – The Cobourg Police Service has launched an online bicycle registration program to help protect bicycles owned by residents of Cobourg. This program will increase the chances of having your bike returned to you if it is stolen or lost. 

To register your bike, please visit cobourgpoliceservice.com and click on the Bike Registry button on the homepage. 

Northumberland County: Public Notice: 2020 Road Construction Program

While the County continues to monitor COVID-19 and modify services as required, the following road construction projects have been identified as essential and are expected to proceed as planned.

Please be advised that the following road sections will undergo paving and construction during 2020:

  • County Road 10
    From 250m north of Dodd’s Road to south of the 4th Line/Bickle Road intersection (2.4 km)
  • County Road 18
    From 900m west of County Road 15 to the County Road 15 Intersection (900 m)
  • County Rd 20 (Elgin Street, Cobourg)
    Resurfacing from Division Street to D’Arcy Street, including the intersection of Division and Elgin Street (800 m)
  • County Road 30
    From 550m north of Aranda Way to 200m south ofthe County Road 29 intersection (5.2 km)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to locations throughout the County (potholes, rutting, wear and tear)

One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction at all times, however, please expect traffic delays during construction. Work is expected to commence in May 2020 and is expected to be completed by October 2020.

For further information, please contact:
Scott Reynolds
Sr. Engineering Technician
Phone: 905-372-3329 ext. 2363

HubBub Helmet Mirrors! Plus tips for solo riding during COVID19

HubBub Helmet Mirrors

Hey boys and girls, Randy has been in touch with Oshawa Cycling Club’s Richard Oldfield who is ordering Hub Bub Helmet Mirrors from the US for their members and has kindly extended the opportunity for NHCCers too! It’s a one-time pre-paid purchase (no returns) for just $30 CDN (contactless, e-transfer only) Available in grey, white and yellow, they attach to your helmet and are rigid and secure. Here’s how to get yours:

  • $30CDN E-transfer $30 to Randy by Sunday May 3, 9:00pm (randyalbon@gmail.com) PREPAID orders only!
  • COLOR: The default colour will be grey unless you indicate a preference for white or yellow.
HubBub Helmet Mirror

Solo Riding during COVID19

With restrictions around group riding and the temporary suspension of our regular season, many are braving Solo Rides. In the interest of safety we have a few reminders to make your rides a little safer while on the road alone.

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing, the brighter the better! Solo riders are less visible on the road than groups. 
  • Have a red rear light on at all times (see point above!)
  • Carry a tire repair kit. Flats happen! Consider both a CO2 cartridge and also a manual pump for air.
  • Follow a route, carry a cell phone, and let someone know where you are going. To help you navigate, club members can cell phones to use the audio turn-by-turn navigation on routes from the NHCC route library on Ride with GPS. (note: routes can be downloaded for use without data!)
  • Use a rear-view mirror mounted to your helmet, glasses, or bike for added ability to see behind you.

How to use the Ride With GPS Club Account (NHCC Members only)

One benefit of NHCC membership is the turn-by-turn voice navigation available on any route from the Club’s Ride with GPS Route Library. If you are a current NHCC member, here are the instructions for how to use the feature!

If you are not yet a member, the good news is that all memberships purchased for 2020 will be valid for whatever this season may bring, PLUS extend all the way until the end of next year, 2021!


We are certainly facing a stiff headwind these days. Although we hoped for a return to some kind of normalcy, current restrictions on group events has left the NHCC Board of Directors little choice but to postpone the start of our 2020 cycling season.

The good news is that the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and membership still has its rewards! The NHCC Board has made the decision to extend all current and subsequent 2020 membership purchases through to the end of next year’s 2021 season.

We are still hopeful to resume an active, although much shorter, season when circumstances permit.  Be safe everyone!

COVID-19 Update

Hello Friends,

We wanted to reach out to let you know that the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club is committed to promoting safety to all of our members as well as Northumberland community.  We sincerely hope we can bring you some wonderful cycling this season by working closely with the public health authorities.  We plan to establish some guidelines and will share them with you as soon as we can.  However, things are changing all the time.

For now, here are a few things that have been cancelled or postponed.

Our membership night which was to take place this week has been postponed (circumstances permitting) until the end of April.

Our speaker series has been cancelled.

This is our 10 year anniversary and we were excited to have some social gatherings, but we won’t be planning anything until we are given the okay.

We hope that everyone is doing okay and weathering out this storm.  Facebook live Membership Night perhaps?  We have options! Stay strong, cycle on!

In the meantime our membership is open on line and by mail.  If you are hesitant and you would like to wait, you can do that too.  However, for the time being our Club is closed to Guest Riders.  Our season begins May 1st and things could be completely different by then! Until then, feel free to take advantage of our ride routes on Ride with GPS to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Big virtual hugs to everyone and stay tuned!