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Here’s what the NHCC is up to!

First Aid Training for Ride Leaders

The NHCC is committed to improving safety standards in every way possible.  Therefore, we have approval to fund 6 ride leaders for Emergency First Aid & CPR Training (Red Cross). The course will consist of up to 4 hours of online modules (self-paced, done on your own time at home), followed by one in-person session on the evening of Monday, May 8th (evening) (local venue & time to be determined). If you think you’ll lead some rides this summer and can benefit from some first aid training, just email us to apply for one of the six spots we have reserved—there’s no cost to you, the NHCC is covering that!


Level 1 could use your help. How ’bout it?

We are busy getting organized for the start of the regular season and in order to get the Thursday morning Level 1 rides onto the calendar we need a few ride leaders. Someone who has a little familiarity with Level 1 rides and knows what to expect. Maybe a team of two leaders—even better! Even if you can only do every second Thursday, perhaps we can coordinate that. As a ride leader all you’d really need to do is choose a starting location each week, let us know where it will be, and then take the group out for a ride.  Maybe plan an ice-cream stop from time to time. Does that sound like you? If so, drop us a line at


Pre-season Level 3/4 morning ride: Friday

The forecast sounds pretty stellar for tomorrow so let’s ride! We’ll head out for a 39k ride up to Gores Landing then over to Harwood, then back down south again. This one’s not about speed (as our pre-season rides tend to be). It’s about getting bums accustomed to sitting in the saddle again, this time with a few scenic hills.

Friday April 21: Level 3/4 Morning Ride

Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Building on Majestic Hills Rd.
Start time: 10am
Route Map: (Available on the Cycle Club app)
Distance: 39km
Level of difficulty: Level 3/4

RSVP: Please respond using your Cycle Club account to let us know you’ll be riding.

Pre-season: Mountain bike rides this weekend, Saturday and Sunday

Pre-season mountain biking with Helmut! That’s what we’ve got for you this coming weekend.  He’s been out in the forest and checked out the conditions and they are looking good.  He even has a few loaner bikes if you don’t have one, just give him 24 hours notice & he’ll see about getting it together—leave him a message in the Discussion section for the ride in your Cycle Club account.

The Quick Facts:

Saturday April 22: Morning Mountain Bike ride
Time: 10am
Start location: Northumberland Forest, Beagle Club Trailhead

Sunday April 23: Morning Mountain Bike Ride
Time: 10am
Start location: Northumberland Forest, Beagle Club Trailhead

RSVP: Please use your Cycle Club account to let Helmut know you’ll ride.

Pre-season Rides: Saturday April 15

We’ve got some spectacular sunshine on the sched for tomorrow. Let’s ride! These are pre-season rides—informal opportunities to get yourself onto your bike & work out the kinks from your winter body in anticipation of the upcoming regular season.  We typically start out slow & short. Honestly, if you haven’t been on your bike all winter you can expect to need about 4-5 rides before your bum will be comfortable in the saddle again.  The Level 2, 3/4 will ride in the morning (different start locations) and the Level 1s ride in the afternoon.

Before you ride:

  • Sign up for a members-only Cycle Club account in order to RSVP that you are planning to ride and see more details. 
  • Pump up your tires. Fact—you should pump up tires before every single ride.  If you run with too little air you risk flat tires, pre-mature tire wear, and you’ll also work harder.
  • Check that your brakes and shifters are working correctly.
  • Don’t forget to bring the following: Helmet, your membership card, first aid kit, wear sunglasses, spare tube that fits your bike.

The Quick Facts:

Level 2: Morning Ride
Start time: 10am
Start location: parking lot of St. Mary’s Church in Grafton
Distance/Time: To be determined (likely about an hour or so)

Level 3/4: Morning Ride
Start time: 10am
Start location: Cobourg Community Centre, meet at the Northwest corner
Distance: approximately 25km (some may choose to extend the ride afterward)

Level 1: Afternoon Ride
Start time: 2:00pm
Start location: Cobourg Community Centre, meet at the Northwest corner
Distance: To be determined—short & sweet!

RSVP: Please use your Cycle Club account to let us know you’ll ride.

Pre-season Gravel Ride, Level 3/4: Monday at 10am

The forecast is looking stellar! That means that despite the “regular” season starting in May, there may be rides on different days and times from now until then if the weather looks good! They are usually short-notice because they are entirely weather dependent. So here it is!

Meet at Hazel Bird Nature Reserve on Beavermeadow Rd. Lots of gravel roads in this area. If you don’t have a gravel bike don’t fret…just bring your old beater, or hybrid, or anything with 35mm tires or wider. After the ride we can hike through the nature reserve to see if we can spot a hognose snake. Helmut’s herpetologist nephew says it a prime area for them.

RSVP: If you are planning to ride, all the details are on your Cycle Club account. Please locate the Event in your Cycle Club account and click “Going” so the ride leader knows how many to expect. If you have technical difficulty with it, you can also just leave a comment here on the website to let Helmut know you’ll ride.

Date: Monday April 10
Ride Planner: Helmut 
Start location: Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, 9636 Beavermeadow Rd. E, Baltimore 

Membership Night Tomorrow Night (Thursday March 30) at the Baltimore Rec Centre 7:00pm

Just a reminder that it’s time to think about bicycles, fitness, friends, and sunshine and that means the 2023 NHCC Membership Night — Tomorrow, Thursday evening! It’s for current members, future members and just plain curious onlookers wanting to get motivated into some cycling. Come out and see what the NHCC is all about and what you might expect from joining the NHCC for 2023. Get your NHCC Memberships for just $40, get club information, meet ride leaders and ask questions—You’ll find that we are a very inclusive cycling club with rides for all levels of ability.

Also available for purchase tomorrow night:

  • Cycle Transitions (DIY Bicycle Shop) membership (special rate—$35)
  • NHCC Club Jersey ($80)
  • Take A Look rear-view mirrors ($20)

Payments accepted: Debit/Credit, and of course Cash


Membership Night at the Baltimore Rec Centre: Thursday March 30!

Believe it or not, spring is fast approaching and that means—Membership Night! Our venue has changed and this year it’s being held at the Baltimore Recreation Centre. Bring a friend (or two, or more!). Current members, prospective members—all are welcome! You’ll be able to meet some of our ride leaders for the 2023 season, get the latest intel on our Ride schedule, purchase a club jersey and more!  

**NEW for 2023**

Each year we take a club survey to best determine what new directions to take for the NHCC and this year we have a few changes to address some of the fantastic suggestions we received!

  • Thursdays Nights for Level 3/4: A volunteer will be leading the charge with a new, second weekly evening ride for Level 3/4s:  Thursday Nights!  You can expect a faster-than-usual pace with plenty of hills and some nice speeds! 
  • Skills Development: Watch for a few dates each month where you can come out and learn from others! Mentors will be on hand to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with others of all levels.  It’s your chance to learn everything from the basics of how to change your gears, to riding in a group, to more advanced skills like pace lines. You can pick and choose what you want! Come on out to Membership Night for more information. 

See you all there!

NHCC Ride program depends on Ride Leaders—can you help out?

The NHCC needs at least 4 ride leaders for each Level in order for us to be able to offer regularly scheduled rides on the calendar.  With 22 weeks in the season, three rides every week per Level, it adds up to 66 rides per level this season. We’re not looking for commitments to ride every single week—just some times, so others don’t have to do it every time at the expense of their enjoying some of the other club rides! We have lots of routes and maps, so Ride Leaders who step forward don’t have to be responsible for all that!

Think you could pitch in this year? A little or a lot, we’ll take it! Please RSVP by completing the form below. If unable to view form, you can email to indicate you’ll be an NHCC hero!