Sunday May 30th Ride

A pleasant 45K ride with seven riders consisting of Vivian and Harold, Winston, Barb, Anita and Randy and our newest rider Glen.
From Donegan park up Ontario west along Danforth up Williamson and along Jibb to Doyle to Alberts Lane Down 18 and along Smiley to Cornish Hollow to Ball to Rose down Racetrack south on Harwood up Gully east on Community Centre Road to Payne, Van Luven and Nagle into town via Greer and Workman and Along the lake back to the park.

A great ride with great folks, hot and sunny lots of great smooth pavement!

Next week we are considering a longer ride, perhaps around 70K with a lunch break.
A shorter option will also be planned.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 23

Bill, Winston, Klaus, Anita, Randy

We were a little skeptical about the weather when we started out at 10:00, but the cloudiness gave way to sunshine and it turned out to be a fabulous day for a ride. 50km of sunshine, lilacs trees, beautiful green pastures, Mama and baby horses, Lake Ontario, and a whole bunch of Toronto Bike Network cyclists heading in the opposite direction.

Klaus, Randy, Bill, Winston and Anita all took in the ride today. Good conversation and a nice comfortable pace made for a great day all around. Comments, anyone?

Welcome to our new website!

Hello everyone! Hopefully you will find that a website will help us to share information and ideas with each other. As we know, we are not a cycling “club” yet, but we certainly are linked together through common interests: cycling, getting and staying fit, and sharing interesting rides with new friends. Please feel free to make comments, and provide input into just about anything you wish. If you have any ideas about what should be on this website, please feel free to comment below.