Sunday Oct. 3rd (Ride and BRUNCH at the Best Western after)

It’s almost the end of the “good weather” riding season. After a hugely successful season, it seems only fitting that we celebrate by treating ourselves to the fabulous brunch served at the Best Western after our ride.

The price for brunch is:
$15.95 (+tax)
$12.95 (if you cut out and take with you the coupon that appears in Friday editions of the Northumberland News)
(With groups over 8 people they add the gratuity to the bill).

A reservation has been made already for between 15 and 20 people. We’ll finalize that as the day approaches.

If the weather turns out to be really unpleasant we will re-schedule as the day approaches.

Everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not you choose to ride beforehand. Bring your partners etc. if you wish, they are also most welcome. We simply need to know how many to expect so that the reservation can be confirmed a little in advance. Please just make a note below if you are planning to attend the brunch. Heck, it’ll be fun and we can eats LOTS! Their brunch is awesome. (everything from Chinese to roast beef to belgian waffles)
Hope everyone can make it!


Start time: 10:00am
Start location: YMCA (not at The Mill, as the map indicates)
Route: 42Km “The Millers” ride: Click here for a map

Tuesday Sept. 21 (Ride from Donegan Park)

This Tuesday there will be a ride starting from Donegan Park. If you’d like to attend, there have been about 4 people so far that have suggested they’d like to ride. Please mention below if you think you might ride on Tuesday.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: Paul has kindly offered to lead the way

Have fun, everyone!

Sunday, September 19 (24k or 48k, or 60K….Take Your Pick)

So, people are talking about a route that would provide an opportunity for people to join us who may be interested in some shorter distances, yet also allow for those who want to go longer to be able to. I’ll leave it open for discussion, perhaps somebody will take the lead here and do the planning (Jamie…….want to do some planning?) If anyone wants to volunteer to lead the way or has a route map they’d like me to post, please email me and I’ll be sure to post it before Sunday. Email Anita: click here.

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Donegan Park

Here is the route map: Click here for the Northumberland Hills route map

Sunday September 12 (51k Ride: Shelter Valley)

There has been some interest in riding this route on Sunday morning, so let’s see how many riders we can get out. Although the route indicates a start and finish at the Marina, as usual we will start at Donegan Park instead. Hopefully there will be a few new faces after the Bike-for-the-Planet event.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for 51k Shelter Valley Route Map

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Donegan Park

Respond below please, to let people know that you are coming!

Sunday September 5th (47k or 39k “Turkey Ride” from Donegan Park)

Perhaps being labour day weekend and school starts up on Tuesday, we might round up a number of people interested in doing the Turkey Ride. With the warm weather starting to give way to cooler weather it’s unclear how many good Sundays we may have left! Although the map directions show the ride starting at the Marina, we will start at Donegan Park because of the parking availability.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for the 47k Turkey Ride

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Cobourg, Donegan Park

Paul’s Dirty Enduro (Saturday September 18th)

On Saturday, September 18, 2010 people will be gathering with their happy mountainbikes at the Ganaraska Forest Centre, getting ready to ride 15, 30, 60 or 100kms of amazing trails. Afterwards they will be digging into a terrific hot lunch and loading up from the prize tables laden with schwag for aall the brave riders. Check out the FAQs or Pre-register online.

Get all the info here, at “Paul’s Dirty Enduro” Website

Take a look at some pictures from the 2009 Dirty Enduro

Special Call for Volunteers

To volunteer, just click here and let the wonderful folks at Bloomfield Cycle know that you are interested in volunteering. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Volunteer Opportunities

SWEEP Riders
Sweep riders follow the last rider of each group. They help any injured bikes or riders that they encounter on their path. They carry communications and are in contact with the command centre for the race. It’s a terrific ride through the forest at the absolute slowest pace of the last rider in the group. SO … this is not a job that requires the rider to be FAST but it is definitely a job that requires an experienced rider.

There are lots of different distance options for being a sweepers. There are slots for sweeping the whole 15K or the whole 30k course, as well as slots for different sections of the 60k and 100k courses.

You can be a sweep rider if you:
• have some experience as a mountainbiker: even better if you have lots!
• have some basic first aid skills
• have some basic bike first aid skills
• have a good functional bike that can carry extra water bottles!

What do you get?
Fame, Glory, a Free T-shirt, a Free Ride, and a Free Lunch. You’ll be loaned the supplies you need: a “sweep pack” with some first aid supplies and a spare tube or two and some basic tools as well as a few extra snacks and some water.

And What do They Want in Return?
Your happy smiling self on your sturdy bicycle shepherding the field along on the woods helping out where you can, calling for help when it’s needed.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get ahold of someone at the Bloomfield Bicycle Company (Paul’s HQ) and if you know someone you think might be interested please feel free to pass it on to them, as well.

Sunday August 29 (Route suggestions again?)

Hello again, NH Cycling friends. It’s been such a busy summer and it appears that riders have been a little scarce these past couple of Sundays. Like last week, there been no decision about a route or distance for this coming Sunday, so it’s open for discussion here.Anyone want to do some planning? All that’s required is choosing a start point and a route. Take a look at Brian Hedney’s routes for some inspiration.

Click here for Brian Hedney’s routes